Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions “You” or “Your” refers to the lead name on the booking confirmation. “We” or “Us” refers to Hilary & Martyn Brookes, 69 Fairleigh Rd, Cardiff CF11 9JW.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before making your booking.

  1. Your booking

1.1 Your contract with us begins on issue of a booking confirmation. Your contract is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Reservations may be placed on hold for 5 days. We must receive confirmation of your intention to rent within these five days. If not, the property/ies will be released for general sale.

1.3 Your booking confirmation will detail the accommodation you have booked, the dates of your booking, the number of guests, the total amount payable for your booking, the housekeeping and damage deposit required, and the dates on which payments are due. Period of hire commences at 5.00 p.m. on the date of arrival and ends at 09.00 a.m. on the date of departure.

1.4 Bookings can only be accepted from persons over the age of 18. You, as the lead name on the booking, will be responsible for all members of your party.

  1. Payment

2.1 For bookings made more than 8 weeks prior to arrival a deposit of 30% is required. The balance plus a housekeeping and damage deposit of £200 (Bay View cottage only) must be received by 8 weeks before the start of your stay.

2.2 For bookings made less than 8 weeks prior to arrival the total amount payable plus a security deposit of £200 (Bay View cottage only) is to be paid immediately.   

2.3 Failure to pay the full amount by the date stated in your confirmation will result in us reserving the right to cancel your booking. Cancellation charges will apply as stated below.

2.4 Payment is by bank transfer only. Bank details are supplied on the invoice. 

2.5 We reserve the right to amend or withdraw promotional offers at any time. Such offers will be amended on or removed from our website.

  1. Rates

3.1 Current rates are as displayed on our website at www.beachviewcottages.co.uk or as quoted to you by calling 07891 650664. The rates will be confirmed in your booking confirmation. 

3.3 All rates supplied by telephone or on our website include all charges for water, gas, electricity, oil, laundry and cleaning. 

  1. Cancellation

4.1 Your contract with us is a contract for the provision of leisure accommodation on a specific date or dates. No “cooling off” period applies. We do, however, offer you the right to cancel your contract subject to the provisions stated below.

4.2 All cancellations must be received in writing. Your booking will be cancelled with effect from the day we receive written notification.

4.3 We will use all reasonable efforts to re-let the property. If successful, we will refund such proportion of monies paid by you as we are able to recover from such re-letting, less an administrative charge of £50 for each separate booking required to re-let the property for the entirety of the cancelled period. If we are unable to re-let the property for the entirety of the cancelled period we will be entitled to retain the daily rate for the number of days the property remains unlet during the cancelled period.

4.3 If we cannot re-let the property then charges below will apply from the date you informed us in writing of the need to cancel.

  • More than 90 days before start date: Your deposit
  • 89 to 60 days before start date: 50% of the total rental
  • 59 to 30 days before start date: 75% of the total rental
  • 29 days or less to start date or early departure: 100% of total rental

To safeguard against cancellation charges & other unforeseen eventualities we strongly recommend you take out Cancellation Insurance.

  1. Booking amendments

5.1 If you want to amend any detail of your confirmed booking you must let us know in writing as soon as possible. 

5.2 Whilst we will do our best to accommodate you, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet any request for changes.

5.3 An administration charge of £25 applies to any amendments made to your booking.

Any additional rental costs due as a result of the change will apply. In the event of a resulting reduction in costs you will be reimbursed the difference.

  1. If we need to change or cancel your booking

6.1 We do not expect to have to make changes to your booking. In the event of unforeseen circumstances necessitating the amendment or cancellation of your booking every reasonable effort will be made to mitigate the impact on you or to find alternative accommodation.

6.2 If we do need to change or cancel your booking, we will do our best to offer you a suitable alternative booking. If we are not able to offer you a suitable alternative, or if you do not accept the alternative we offer, we will refund you the total amount you have paid us for the booking. Our liability is limited to the amount of any rent paid.

  1. Visitor behaviour

7.1 Important information is contained in a digital welcome pack which will be sent to you by e-mail shortly before arrival. Please ensure that you and your party read the welcome pack carefully on arrival and that you familiarise yourselves with the layout of the accommodation and the location of the fire exits.

7.2 The accommodation is to be used for holiday purposes only. You must not use the accommodation for any other purpose, including for any business purposes, without our prior written consent.  

7.3 The accommodation and its contents must be left clean and tidy on departure. 

7.4 You must not use the accommodation, or allow it to be used, for any dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal or immoral activities. You must not cause any nuisance or annoyance to any one during your stay. 

7.5 Smoking is not permitted in any part of your accommodation. You and your party must not use candles, fireworks or Chinese lanterns at your accommodation.

7.7 Dogs: 
Bay View: we accept two/three dogs in Bay View. 
Beach View: we accept only one dog in Beach View due to the size of the property. PLEASE NOTE: Beach View has open tread stairs. We therefore strongly recommend that, for their own safety, dogs do not go upstairs.  Dogs going upstairs do so at the guest’s own risk. 
Dogs should be kept under control at all times.
All excrement MUST be removed from the property before you leave.
Your pets’ vaccinations and worming must be up-to-date.
We advise that your pet(s) is/are not left unattended. If so, this is at your own risk. 
We request that dogs do not go on furniture. If you know that this will be difficult, we ask you to bring your own throws as well as linen for the bed(s). Please discuss this with the owners on booking.

7.8 You agree to take all reasonable safety and security measures at the property during your stay and to comply with all health and safety and fire regulations which may apply to the property.

7.9 Hot Tub: A hot tub is provided for the use of guests of staying in Bay View cottage only. The water quality is inspected regularly by our technician. Test strips are provided for further daily testing by guests. Any concerns must be reported to the technician immediately.The quality of the water is dependent on guests abiding by the rules that are clearly displayed at the property.
For everyone's health and safety the lead guest MUST ensure that every member of the party is fully acquainted with and abides by the hot tub rules. 
DO NOT use the hot tub if you are pregnant, have a medical condition, taking medication, you have a cut or external infection or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
It is imperative that guests shower BEFORE entering the hot tub and all creams, make up, sunscreen, hair gel, insect repellent, fake tan etc removed prior to use as these negatively affect the quality of the water.

7.10 Electric Vehicle Charging: We do not have a dedicated EV charging point, nor do we have a power socket, either indoors or outdoors, that is suitably rated, protected and certified as safe for use for charging an EV, or for plugging in a lead that is routed outdoors. We are therefore unable to allow the charging of EVs on the premises, however the nearest available public charging points are in the public car park on the sea-side of Beach View Cottages. 

7.11 Please note that if you do not comply with the standards and behaviours set out in this Section 7 we may need to exercise our rights under Section 12 (“Our right to evict”).

  1. Maximum occupancy for your accommodation

8.1 You must ensure that the maximum number of persons occupying the accommodation does not exceed the maximum occupancy limits set out on our website.

8.2 We reserve the right to require you to leave the premises (without any compensation) if you exceed the maximum occupancy limits without prior written consent from us.

  1. Damage to the accommodation or its contents

9.1 If you discover that anything is missing or damaged on arrival at your accommodation you must notify us immediately on 07891 650664 or 07841 821331. If you do not notify us we will assume that you caused the relevant damage or loss.

9.2 You agree to indemnify us for any liabilities, costs, expenses, damages, claims and losses (including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of reputation and all interest, penalties and legal costs and all other professional costs and expenses) which are incurred at or to the property.

  1. If you have a problem or complaint

10.1 We take care to ensure that our accommodation is of a high standard. However, if you have any problems with your accommodation, please contact us immediately and give us the opportunity to resolve it. Please contact us by telephone on 07891 650664 or 07841 821331 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Our rights of access

11.1 In the event of an unforeseen problem we or our representatives may need to access your accommodation. In this event we will make every effort to access the accommodation at a time convenient to you and to inform you in advance.

  1. Our right to evict

We may terminate our contract with you and ask you to leave your accommodation immediately (without any compensation being payable) if:

(a) we consider that you or your party have committed a serious breach of these Terms and Conditions;
(b) we consider that you or your party’s behaviour endangers safety;
(c) any complaints are made of anti-social or unacceptable behaviour against you or your party;
(d) you or your party cause an unreasonable amount of damage to the property or its contents; or
(e) you exceed the maximum occupancy limit for your accommodation.

  1. Our liability to you

No responsibility will be accepted for loss, damage or injury to person or property (including cars, accessories or contents) incurred whilst at the properties or resulting from the stay at the property.

  1. Events beyond our control

14.1 We will not be responsible for any failure to perform our obligations under these Terms and Conditions that is caused by an event outside our control.

14.2 An event outside our control means any act or event that is beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster, strikes or industrial action by third parties, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war or threat of war, civil commotion, riot, invasion, or failure of public or private telecommunications networks.

  1. Some practical information for your stay

15.1 Your check-in and departure times will be set out in your confirmation invoice. Normally, check-in is available from 5.00 p.m. on the first day of your stay and departure is required before 09.00 a.m. on the last day of your stay. If you do not leave the accommodation by the required departure time we reserve the right to charge you a late checkout fee to cover any costs we incur.

15.2 If you leave any of your possessions behind at your accommodation, please contact us as soon as possible. We reserve the right to charge you for any storage and delivery costs that we incur in relation to your lost property. We will hold all lost property for one month, after which it will be disposed of.

  1. Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by Welsh law. You and we both agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Welsh courts.