It's Saturday - so many of you will be on the road again. if you are just setting out you no doubt have a car full of excitement that lasts just about to the end of the road before the cry goes up "are we nearly there yet"! So how do you keep the half-pints entertained?

Whether you are heading for a holiday cottage by the sea in Pembrokeshire or a fun family getaway in a location that you are not going to reveal to anyone else - try this: 

We recently got stuck in traffic and started playing a game which entailed thinking up a song for everything we could see from the car. Cows, sheep, horse and buses were pretty easy but it gt slightly more difficult with trees. ambulances and  lorries! We then began singing a song for every letter in the alphabet. this was 2-year-old Ella's contribution - enjoy! 

#family holidays #travelling with kids #arewethereyet